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What does Design/Build mean?
At Aldershot Landscape, our Award winning team of landscape architects take you from design conception through to a completed landscape.

Who utilizes our design/build services?
Any individual or company that wants to deal with only one company to design, manage and complete any size of project.

What do we specialize in?
Small intricate spaces
Residential and commercial landscape design
Estate and country property planning and design
Site planning
Park planning and development
Sports and recreational design and planning
Shoreline and environmental protection

What are our abilities?
Innovative and creative design using proven construction solutions
The highest attention to detailed design and construction practices
We can build anything!
Every project/property is unique, therefore the design is always unique to that property

At Aldershot Landscape, our strength lies in the ability of our landscape architects to interpret the relationship between natural form and the constructed environment.

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